Tuesday Taste: The Pad Thai Family

It’s official, we’ve found our favorite place to snag some good ‘ol Pad Thai in Chiang Mai.  Luckily, they’re just a 5 minute walk down the street from our apartment.  Their food stall is located on Suthep Road.  This super friendly Pad Thai joint is family run, and sets up outside a closed storefront every night at about 5pm for dinner.  Dad takes your order, Mom cooks the Pad Thai, and their kids help out around the food stall.

Here’s Pad Thai Mom and Pad Thai Dad, hard at work on that Pad Thai:

Mom and Dad, makin' that Pad Thai

Mom and Dad, makin’ that Pad Thai


Look at that Wok:

Check out the enormousness of that wok

Check out the enormousness of Pad Thai Mom’s wok

At this Pad Thai eatery, they serve your meal up with a big plate of romaine, bean sprouts, green onions, and lime.  It’s like getting a free salad with your meal.  They have a dine in option:

The "Eat In" option for Pad Thai

The “Dine In” option for Pad Thai

But we enjoy the takeout option the most because we could sit at home in our air conditioning and keep away from flies and mosquitos.  Take out Pad Thai comes wrapped up in banana leaves secured with a short stick, or as Pad Thai Dad puts it, “Thai Style Takeaway!”

Pad Thai takeout, wrapped up in a banana leaf

Pad Thai takeout, wrapped up in a banana leaf

And voila, here’s the deliciousness bursting forth from the banana leaf:



Whether you do dine in or get takeaway, it’s 30 Baht for your plate of Pad Thai, which is just south of a $1 US.  If that’s not a good reason for friends and family to book a $1,000 flight over to visit us, I don’t know what is.  Safe travels, friends!