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3 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

  1. When you were staying at the One Plus condo Suan Dok Chiang Mai how loud were the aircraft landing and taking off at Chiang Mai airport? Would you recommend renting a condo there?

    • Hi Walter,

      Sorry for such a big delay in responding! After coming home from our trip we started a family and I have been ignoring my blog until now. :) Did you end up staying at the One Plus Suan Dok?

      I don’t think I was ever awoken by airplane noise in Chiang Mai, and don’t remember it ever bothering me. Take this with the caveat that I’ve lived in Seattle for years, and airplanes to/from Seatac fly high over my house. It bothers me more here than it did in Chiang Mai, but I think I’m desensitized a little bit.

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