No More Tuesday Blog Posts

Hello from Budapest!

Hello from Budapest!

It’s crazy to think that Kevin and I will be home in Seattle just two weeks from tomorrow! What does that mean for us? It’s job application season. *SIGH*. What does this mean for the blog? It means I’m devoting so much time to writing answers to the question “Why would you be a good fit for our company” that I need to go back down to writing just one blog post per week. It also means that chocolate consumption in our household has seen a recent uptick. I have a hunch that these things are all related…

In lieu of a “real” post today, I thought I’d just throw some information at you. Here goes!

Where in the World Are We?

Kevin and I are currently based in Budapest, where we’ll be based for just 1 more week! Here’s where we’ll be for the next couple of weeks:

  • Now – April 28: Budapest
  • April 28 – May 1: Vienna
  • May 1 – 5: Prague
  • May 5 – 6: Frankfurt
  • May 6: Fly home to Seattle!
  • May 6-7: Olympia, WA with Kevin’s folks
  • May 7 or 8: Back in our wonderful home in Wallingford. YAY!

Do you have any tips for our upcoming time in Vienna, Prague, or Frankfurt? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Curious where we’ve been? Here’s an interactive map showing our travels over the last year:


Kevin Has a Milestone Birthday This Saturday

That’s right, this is the year that Kevin and I both turn 30. I’ll save my gripes for later this year since my birthday is in December, but I will say, 30 sure looks good on my wonderful husband.

Be sure you send some birthday love Kevin’s way!

Calling All Beer and Cider Drinkers

You should see the list of beers Kevin plans to brew once we get back home. It has everything from a Watermelon Wheat to a Chai Hard Cider to an Experimental IPA made from an experimental hop variety.

Clearly, we cannot drink all this beer and cider ourselves. Consider this our public service announcement that we need your help, family and friends. If you live in Seattle, you better plan to stop by often. If you don’t live in Seattle, be advised that our basement has a “rustic” guest room. :-)

4 thoughts on “No More Tuesday Blog Posts

  1. Love you both so much………..and can’t believe how quickly this pas year has gone………… does life……………Happy Birthday to Kevin this Saturday…..thirty is a good number……..a really good number!!! Safe travels!

  2. Great tips on Airbnb. After using it in France, I listed my house and it’s been a blast hosting travelers. I can confirm that hosts are indeed willing to negotiate price for longer stays and happy to provide Internet speeds.

    • Hunter I didn’t know you rent rooms out on Airbnb! Sounds like it has been a fun experience – I’d be curious to hear if you have any horror stories… :-)

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